All the colours

As well as starting my blog, my plan for woolapple was to have a little shop with some crocheted toys and baby items that i had been enjoying making. Unfortunately I have had a bit of a false start with woolapple so far, i started really well, finding some lovely items i was really enjoying making. But i have realised that my little toys need to tick some important boxes and i will need to use a slightly different material to make them with (one that i can prove is not poisonous).

I am really up for this challenge though, but it does mean i have a rather impressive collection of coloured wool that i need to find other uses for. But this is another challenge i am not too too unhappy about.

When Rose was a baby i didn’t do as much knitting for her as i imagined i would as a mother (in fact i knitted her nothing after she was born, and really only this little one while i was pregnant) I did however get a rather magnificent collection of hand knits for her from charity shops, and i am in denial a little bit because some of them were so great, but am beginning to accept that mostly they are all too small now. So i felt that it really was time to fulfill my knitter mummy duty and make her a new cardigan.


I had in mind this lovely diary scarf (an idea i really like) my friend Debbie made a little while back, although i didn’t use the diary idea, i really like the design of it and thought something like this would be a perfect use for all my odd balls of wool. I found a basic raglan cardigan pattern (i like a raglan with stripes, i think it works so well) in my extensive library (handed down from nanny) and started with the back to set the pattern.  Although i wasn’t doing a colour a day like Debbie did,  i really enjoyed the  process of deciding how much of each colour and how to order them.

I finished this project just in time for Rose’s birthday and she was very pleased to wear it at last. I was just relieved it fitted her! And just in time for this cold spell too.


perfect scamp-wear!


One thought on “All the colours

  1. debbie says:

    Ah…Emily, I do love this so. And Rose looks so super wearing it!
    And I was really happy to hear that my scarf diary acted as a bit of inspiration.
    I hope Rose had a lovely birthday xxxxxx


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