Macarons, a journey

I just really wanted to mention a bit of a baking challenge that I faced last week – my attempts at french macarons. But please don’t get excited for some nice pictures and a recipe (I admit, this was my plan for this) – I gave them so much of my time and attention last week. But they have defeated me!

It all started when I decided to make some little baked treats for my work colleagues for christmas. And came across a recipe for French Macarons – it looked so easy. I thought – those are delicious and they look so pretty – and one of my colleagues can’t eat wheat and these have no wheat – so this was a good idea! I thought. But… i didn’t count on them being IMPOSSIBLE to make!

I found a recipe in my little book of bakes, and it made it sound so straight forward. Hurruh!

But here is attempt 1:


Oh no.

Luckily for the internet, when  i googled ‘why are my macarons flat and brown and wealded to the baking paper’ I came across this amazing link, crammed full of every macaron problem scenario. There was also a video which was really useful and  i realised my first batch was really too runny.

So – i followed her instructions to a tee… annnnnnd….

Still flat (i was too sad to take anymore pictures) but not brown so this is an improvement. I think the first attempt was definitely a case of not whisking my eggs enough, and the later attempts (there were four in all – the final batch i didn’t even bother to put in the oven, i was experienced at what a failed macaron batter looked like by then) I did get a bit closer. But still no.


SO I gave up and made gingerbread instead (sorry Gill for this gift of gluten induced indigestion)

So, looking on the bright side, this post is about if at first you don’t succeed try try try again. Or in my case try try try again again. There seem to be very many recipes and tutorials about for these little delicacies, so I am taking on the challenge – something must work?

You haven’t heard the last of this. And if you have ever successfully made macarons – we need to talk!



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