Secret knitted mini cosy

I used to be able to do a lot of secret knitting for Rich – in fact I knitted him two cardigans secretly (there is a link to one of them – how much hair he has!). And a sock (I am impressed when I look through the ‘knitting’ tag on my emiliabird (R.I.P) blog ) SO (back to the present) when he asked me to make him a little tea cosy for his little tea pot, I thought ‘yeah! no problem’

So I remembered I had made a tea-cosy or two before and used this little pattern as a basis for this little version. The stitch I chose is called blanket rib stitch and it’s so dense and snug, it’s really perfect for this. I based my design on blue and white cornishware as Rich is a real fan of this in our kitchen.

DSC04083 DSC04087

I started this little project one Monday when I was off work sick. It was quite lucky as it was actually quite close to Christmas by that time. I was really lucky that Rose was at nursery so I stayed in bed all day and watch films and wallowed in my blocked nose agony, and did a little knitting.

After this initial session though I did find it quite difficult to find secret opportunities for this project (I even did a little bit of Christmas holiday lunch break knitting at my desk at work)


I was doing well and knew that Rich was going out the night before Christmas eve (Christmas eve eve) so I was feeling very happy all would be well.

BUT then disaster struck in the form of our bath pipe breaking and sending water through the ceiling of the 100 year old lady who lives in the flat below us (she really is 100 – she’s an amazing lady. Maybe I can ask her if she will do an interview for my blog one day). Rich went out as planned, but I spent a lot of time under the bath with a torch trying to work out what was wrong.

By the time I did manage to settle down to my knitting I knew I either had five minutes or one hour and five minutes depending on the train Rich decided to get home. But fifteen minutes passed and no sign of him… I knew it was going to be okay and managed to finish knitting and sewing and wrapping and it was just as the final piece of sellotape went on that I heard the key in the door. That is what we call cutting it fine! (although it would have been a bit more relaxed had I not stopped to take this photograph)


I enjoyed this secret bit of knitting, it was quite exciting in the end. And Rich is really pleased with it too which is really the best thing. He says that his tea is much improved for being kept cosy. Hurruh!


If you would like to make a mini cosy like this one, here is the pattern I made.

I used DK yarn doubled up, but chunky weight is the perfect weight. And i used 5.5mm needles (and remembered how much I like bamboo needles). My tension measured 12.5 stitches x 26 rows in this stitch (I know this sound like an impossible equation, but each alternate row is worked doubling your stitches, before coming back to the original number, so that 12.5 is the un-doubled number – I hope this will make sense when you read on…) The pot I made this for is a little two cup pot which measures about 33cm circumference. My finished cosy us about 18cm across when layed down flat.

In blue, cast on 21 sts.
row 1:in blue, kfb of every stitch (42sts)
row 2:in blue, k2tog, *p2tog, k2tog – repeat from * to end (21sts).
row 3:in cream as row 1
row 4:in cream as row 2

repeat these four rows 5 more times, then work rows 1 and 2 once more so that you have 13 stripes, ending with a blue one.

Change to cream and knit the next 2 rows straight (knit stitch every stitch).
next row: in cream you will want to cast off every other stitch: k 1, (s1k1psso)x 10
next row: in cream knit row straight (knit stitch every stitch)

repeat rows 1-4 once more

In blue, repeat row 1.
final row in blue, cast off two at a time purlwise.

This creates one half of your cosy so you will need to do all of that once more to make the other side.


Once you have two identical pieces, you will need to put a few stitches in the sides to hold them together. The design of Rich’s teapot meant that I didn’t need very many stitches at all. I sewed up both sides identically so that it wouldn’t matter which way round the cosy went on.

I finished off with a little tassel through the cast off every other stitch row (I know that is not well explained, but I hope looking at the picture will help!) I made this by doubling up a length of wool until I had about twelve or fourteen strands together and, starting from the middle of the front of my cosy, threaded them through the little holes in and out all the way round until I was back to where I started. I then tied a loosish double knot, and then wrapped one of the strands round and round under this knot a few times to make a tassel! I tied up my ends and admired my good work!

I would love to see your cosy if you have a go. If you’re on ravelry I’ll pop this project on there. My name is woolapple there too.



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