Wicker and wool

Last week I was mainly making pom poms – I love them so much, and their bright woolly fluffiness. I saw Lucy’s lovely baskets and after that couldn’t look at our wicker washing basket in the same way again.

diy pom pom basket 2diy pom pom basket 1

Poor plain basket (poor dirty mirror) (poor mum lots of laundry!)

I loved the look of Lucy’s Pom poms, a sort of salt and pepper effect, so made my Pom poms with a coloured wool and a cream wool together to achieve that grand look. I used four different colours, a hot pink, sky blue, pistachio green and golden yellow.

I counted the upright sticks on the basket to work out my spacing and how many pom poms to make. I had 39 sticks so that divided nicely by 3 so decided to space them at every third stick – (I like logical). This meant 13 pom poms, which didn’t divide so well between my colour scheme so I currently have a bit of a gap in my pom poms. Rich helpfully pointed out that this side could just face the wall so that’s my current solution!

diy pom pom basket 3 diy pom pom basket 4

(Much better! Clean mirror too. And laundry done. A happy day!)

My pom poms are a bit more spaced out than Lucy’s which wasn’t intentional, and I need to go back to trim them a little more evenly I think, but really I am very pleased with my little pom pom basket now. That wasn’t such a hard job but look at the transformation my little fluffy puffs made. It has really brightened up this corner of our bedroom too. Although I am not sure how long Rose will resist trying to pull them off… so far she doesn’t seem to have noticed (dare I say it?)

Lucy also made tassel baskets, you really should have a look.


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