Woolapple weekend pottering

This weekend was just a little one of pottering about. Here you can see some sneak peeks though. I enjoyed taking pictures of the things we did with Apple in the shots. I think this might be my new hobby (check instagram if you don’t believe me!)

There was a little bit of sunshine yesterday morning, but we missed it as it took us a long time to get up. It’s difficult when it’s cold. But we did enjoy a bit of time at the beach in the afternoon. Rose rode her little bike and we stopped for a coffee near the beach huts. It is really nice to go to the beach in January. I like to take Rose there because there’s no mud.


For Sunday we made a trip to the park and the cafe for cheesy chips. And when we got home we made a cake. These are becoming our winter Sunday traditions. I read somewhere that baking with children teaches some good skills of discipline and self restraint and accuracy and waiting. This sounded very logical but so far I see no evidence of Rose improving in these areas… I’ll persevere though. It’s nice to have a cake in the house.

woolapple at the parkwoolapple eating cheesy chips

Behind the scenes I made some macarons (I’ll let you know how those turned out later in the week) and a scarf (wait for it) And we tried out Rose’s new paintbrushes – I say new, she got them for Christmas, but painting really makes me stressed. She does now have a great little sponge which is very nice to make dots, and also Rose asked me to paint her a rainbow which I really was pleased to do.

trying out new paintbrushes 1trying out paintbrushes 2

I hope you had a good weekend too?


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