A woolapple weekend


I had a grand adventure in Brighton today. I had a lovely hot chocolate with my dear friend Beth, and then we went to some shops and I bought some things from Tiger – my favourite shop of the moment.


I found some great ‘fabric yarn’ there which is like grey marl t-shirts in a ball of wool. I have a little project in mind already! Also I found some good things to help with mine and Rose’s baking and painting and a little present for our friend. Dear Tiger, please open a shop in Seaford, and bring H&M with you too.

woolapple at brighton stationIMG_2293

On my way to the station I passed the beautiful french patisserie, Julien Plumart. I wanted some macarons, but they were quite a lot of money and I was feeling rather peckish so opted for some massively impressive meringues instead (and enough to take some home to share). I am rather regretting my decision now as would love to taste the macarons – next time I’ll go back with a full tummy. I am not surprised by the price though – they are a tough cookie!


I was very pleased when i got home also because Rich and Rose had baked a cake together while I was out. It wasn’t much of a surprise because Rich had called me a few times with questions such as ‘which oven should I use to make a cake?’, ‘this looks like quite a lot of oil for a cake, do you think it’s alright?’ and ‘what does fold in mean?’. I was so impressed though – it was Rich’s first ever cake (although Rose has made about 6 in the last month) and it was so spongy and lovely. I think he has a hidden talent. I might try him on macarons next…


Also next I think I need a selfie stick for this new hobby of mine, take a doll out and take her photo. It is difficult to hold a doll and a phone and take a picture! Would a selfie stick help me?



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