Cloudy day, cloudy dough

Rose has not yet grown out of trying to eat e v e r y t h i n g she can get her hands on. She is particularly fond of playdough, despite it’s super super saltiness (and the last time that made interesting nappies. glittery.) I found some great recipes while pinteresting for playdough that is edible and during my research I discovered that there are all sorts of different sensory doughs to try with different textures and qualities – perfect for winter afternoons.

This week I made some’cloud dough’ (I have also heard it called moulding sand but that doesn’t sound so fun) I want to call it ‘snow dough’ or ‘sand dough’ as we mostly ended up making snowmen and sandcastles with it! It has a lovely quality where it compresses together when you squash it so you can build little mounds or just squash it really satisfyingly in your hands (I really enjoyed the cloud dough too!) and crumbles nicely too.


h o w  t o  m a k e  c l o u d  d o u g h

It’s so simple – you need 8 parts flour to 1 part oil. The traditional recipe uses baby oil and, but because I was doing an edible version, I just used sunflower oil.  I used 4 mugs of flour to half a mug of oil which gave a really good quantity. I think the baby oil would definitey give a whiter and sweetly scented dough though – definitely a bit more cloudy!

DSC04562cloud doughcloud doughDSC04574

We had a lot of fun with this – although I warn you – it is messy! Definitely one for a day you are planning to get the hoover out. And when you are not feeling like you might get stressed. For us this was a similar stress level to painting. About a 7.


To start with I let Rose play with her cloud dough on a mat on the floor, and this worked well except that her tights got really covered in it and I could see it getting trodden all over the house, so I quickly moved her to the kitchen worktop and this was a much better plan. Rose really had a lot of fun with it, and it passed a lot of time while I stood back drinking a cup of tea, (thinking about all the cleaning I was going to have to do (ha!)) she used some of the cups from her bath and a few little kitchen utensils and was busy for ages.


Lovely stuff – I am looking forward to another doughy day soon.


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