Woolapple in London

This weekend was so exciting for me. I spent Saturday feeling excited and today I spent with my best of friends for a day in London. What a lovely adventure for me.

woolapple on the tubewoolapple on the underground

We were doing some dress trying for Lios’ wedding and I think we did a jolly good job of that. She tried some real gems and we did find some hilarious fashion items. A lace white jumpsuit was a particular highlight – one for an Abba themed wedding. And a rather expensive dress with interesting cut out sections provided amusement and bemusement in equal doses. It was fun to look for dresses and give our serious feedback (we were trying to be sensible and helpful which is not always easy when we are all together, but we were genuinely rather professional today). We tried picking up some real wedding dresses but they were very heavy and hurt our arms and also by this point in the day we had really put a lot of effort into finding dresses and Lios had done a great job of trying on and we were all very tired out, but we knew there was another delight in store for us later….


woolapple on oxford street

… a very grand afternoon tea! Hurruh! I love a good tea and this one was a special treat – we really earnt it. We had some amazing cocktails (as well as the tea!) and amazing cakes. I managed to eat all my cakes which I think was the best effort of the whole group. I had some Tupperware in my bag too (what a mum) so snuck some of the leftovers home for Rich and he was very impressed at the deliciousness of those cakes. That was something special.

woolapple outside the soho hotelwoolapple in the soho hotel with the cake displayIMG_2425woolapple and a belliniIMG_2427

The Soho hotel is such a very grand one and full of interesting things and the waiters were really good and polite. And the company was very nice too. I enjoyed this day so much. And when I got home Rose was just having her bedtime stories with Rich and told me that she had had a nice day too. That was a lovely way to finish. Thank you to my lovely friends for this lovely day.

woolapple with soho


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