Happy pancake day

Happy pancake day! I love this day a lot, although it marks the end of hot chocolate season for me… (I love hot chocolate so much and guzzle a lot of it during the winter months, but always give up chocolate for lent, and then when easter comes hot chocolate season is mostly over so it is a good arrangement for me.)

This year I decided to try something different and go for those big fat american style pancakes. I looked through lots of recipes online, but really wanted to have a go with this one by Jamie Oliver. It seemed like a very simple ingredient list compared to others, and the only one which used folded in egg whites which intrigued me a bit. A lot of the comments said that there was too much egg in the recipe and it was more like omelette – but I don’t really agree – they were just lovely! I did use three medium eggs rather than large eggs as Jamie says to, so maybe this just tipped the balance between eggcellent and eggymess. I like that there is a good amount of egg in them too as feel they have a bit more nutritional value for Rose.

i n g r e d i e n t s

3 medium free-range eggs
115 g plain flour
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
140 ml milk
1 tsp salt
(I didn’t actually use this)


DSC04614 (2)DSC04619 (2)DSC04621DSC04627woolapple cooking pancakes

m e t h o d

First you need to separate your eggs and beat up the egg whites (and salt if using) until they are white and fluffy and peaking.

Add the egg yolk to the milk and combine, then stir this into your flour. The best way is to make a well in the middle of the flour and pour in the liquid a bit at a time, gradually encompassing more and more flour from around the edge. This helps keep the batter nice and smooth.

When all of your liquid and flour is mixed, fold in your egg whites, and your batter is ready for cooking. Lightly oil your frying pan (I have a non stick pan but like to give it a swipe with some oily kitchen roll) and heat over a medium heat (not too hot or your pancake with be overdone on the outside and raw in the middle) and dollop the mixture on, smoothing it into rounds. Wait until you can see some bubbles on the top, and the edges of the bottom are starting to lift away from the pan, then use a spatula or similar to lift and flip.

woolapple cooking pancakes

I cooked some of mine with blueberries and added these to the uncooked side before flipping so that my berries cooked in the pancake – ooh nice. I love the flip part, as when the second side touches the pan, the pancake does a little puff up. Leave to cook a couple of minutes more until both sides are golden.

I piled mine up as I went along and then we had a feast. Rose enjoyed picking he blueberries out of hers the best, and I did have a sneaky couple of lemon and sugar, it wouldn’t be pancake day without that flavour!

DSC04677DSC04658 (2)

Happy pancake day. And who is with me giving up chocolate (or giving up anything) for lent. One year i started a chocolate abstainers support group so let me know if you want to join?




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