Woolapple meets Konmari

Last week I mentioned  Marie Kondo , and last week we completely blitzed through our flat and have made such a grand difference to our little home. I probably did it a bit quick and need to go through my categories again to really decide what ‘sparks joy’, but at least I know where everything is now.

If you haven’t heard of Marie’s method yet, I really recommend it! Or if you don’t want to buy the book, just google ‘konmari before and after’ as it’s fun just to see inside peoples houses.

woolapple konmari teatowelswoolapple konmari drawer

I won’t go into it too much, but the idea is that if you organise your house properly, you never need to spend much time tidying up again, you just have to put things back. This appealed greatly to me as I always feel a bit twitchy with too much stuff piled up around me and don’t really have a lot of time or energy for tidying up anymore. Before being able to tidy though, you need to discard – or really you need to decide what to keep – by going through your possessions category by category (from least to most personal items) holding each thing and asking if it ‘sparks joy’ (or if it is essential). If the answer is no then off it goes. I love this idea so much that you are only left with the loveliest things (and essential things which you need to talk yourself into loving).

One of the best thing for me is the folding! Now I really love folding. I like to fold everything that folds now – even my dishcloth rags fold up nicely! Choosing an outfit is such a joy!

And I have to admit we are already seeing a difference to our home – there is a very calming effect to having everything put away and even to grouping things into one area together.

Another grand effect of the konmari method seems to be a shift in attitude amongst her followers towards owning a lot of things and towards being more selective and thoughtful of what we buy and wear and fill our homes with. I have seen quite a lot of things written about konmari in relation to our disposable attitude to possessions, and a movement towards buying things once and buying well rather than accumulating so many things. I am very pleased to see this movement.

Now I just hope I can keep everything tidy!




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