Woolapple nice and tidy weekend

This weekend was quite a quiet one for us, Rose hasn’t been well this week and is still coughing a lot. She has mainly just wanted to sit on my lap at every opportunity but I am pleased for the cuddles.

It was nice yesterday though when she had a brighter few hours and I was able to make the under worktop curtains for the kitchen I have had on my to do list for about six months.

IMG_2678 IMG_2680

I bought the fabric earlier in the week, after deciding on yellow gingham then getting to the shop and finding this was out of stock, I settled on some yellow with white spots (Rose thought this one was nice) and some lovely green flowery fabric which I couldn’t resist because it was the same colour as the kitchen wall – although wasn’t convinced completely that this was a good thing…

IMG_2683 IMG_2695

It was nice to do some sewing, and use some tools. And my green with green walls looks grand!

woolapple and CDs

Also we are still going with our tidying up and Rich sifted through his million CDs. He put his discarded pile into music magpie to sell and is due a whopping £86! We were hoping to make enough for a take away so this was a lovely surprise – especially as you can’t even tell he’s got rid of anything. I got rid of a few of my CDs too so I am hoping for a cut…(although apparently mine were only worth 25p)

I’ve also been busy turning my hand to a spot of weaving and a dazzling bit of crochet so see you soon. x


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