Watching you grow

This weekend was a very quiet one for Rose and I. Rich was away for a course he is doing so we decided to take it easy. The weather was really on our side and we had some nice outings and enjoyed the sunshine through our windows too.

woolapple with tomato seedlingswoolapple with our seedlings

We did have a little bit of excitement though as our seeds have started to grow, and Rose was very pleased to see this! Unfortunately the seeds I tried planting in the clear container went a bit moldy – I didn’t look after them very well – but I have been told broad beans are the ones to try so I bought a few of these seeds and have planted them in soil in a big glass jar. We are going to have quite a windowsill garden at this rate.

woolapple with broad beans in a kilner jar

I am pleased that Rose is interested in our seedlings. She wanted to carry them and we put them on the table for a while to look at them. She was very gentle with them.




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