Fastest Easter Hat in the West

This week has been quite a busy one for us here so sorry for being a bit quiet! But today we did a little make so I thought I would share that, and also say hello. Hello!

Last week was quite topsy turvy as Rose’s nursery day swapped round. This meant though that we have very short notice of a little easter bonnet homework she has been set. We do actually have an easter bonnet from last year that I think I might take in too, but we managed to put together this little last minute crown today which I think is quite sweet and Rose describes as ‘so pretty’.

So if you find yourself in this predicament, here is what we did…. (you might be able to use our crown as the basis for a much grander easter hat)

You will need: Anything you can find really, especially some green card and yellow and pink paper or card, paints, stickers, tissue paper, glitter etc etc (we just used the card and paint mostly, I haven’t given up on adding some stickers in the morning though!)

I used two pieces of A4 green card and cut them both in half lengthways. Then I drew some jagged grass shapes along the edge and cut them out.

Using my yellow and pink card I cut out lots of flower shapes – daffodil shapes from the yellow and tulip shapes from the pink. I had saved some egg boxes which I thought would make good daffodil trumpets, but Rich had thrown them away (in the bin, not even the recycling – no hope) so maybe that is a good idea if you have those. I thought also we could add some texture with some tissue paper, but then I forgot that. I just mention these things so you know about my grand intentions!

quick easter hat makequick easter hat make
quick easter hat make

Next I got Rose to paint it all – just to jazz it up a bit (and make sure it at least looked like she was involved somewhere in the making process – although I admit, she really didn’t care about this project!) I tried to get her to paint the green card with green and the yellow with yellow and the pink with pink, as I thought that doubled up as a sort of educational colour match type activity. Rose really liked dipping her brush in as many different colours of paint as she could before randomly adding it to the card. Then just run off for a bit. We sort of achieved my vision though…

flowers stuck on our quick easter hat

We let it dry for a little while and then used some glue to assemble our spring garden crown. I layered the green card to give a bit of depth to the ‘grass’ and then we glued the flowers on. Mostly I did this bit. But Rose was really impressed with how pretty (she thought) it looked.

quick easter hat make

Then I tried to get her to stick some of her coloured dot stickers on but she didn’t want to.

So then when everything was good and dry, I used a stapler to form the pieces into a ring that would fit Rose’s head. Hurruh!
finished easter bonnet

I hope you haven’t had any mad panic nursery homework (or any type of homework) to complete this weekend and have had a nice rest instead!


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