Hearts and heatwave

I have enjoyed this weekend so so much! It has been filled with dressmaking and sunshine – what a treat for me.

I have had on my to do list for a long time to make a little dress pattern for Rose and then make her some dresses. She only likes to wear dresses now, and gets through at least one a day, and is quite picky, so I was starting to feel the pressure. The last (and first) dress I made her was when she was about 9 months old, but it didn’t go over her head so I think this experience had put me off a bit making her anything again, but it felt like it might be a good time to put the past behind me. I got her to pick out some fabric she liked when were last shopping, and despite her normally going for anything flowery or pink, she chose a blue fabric with white hearts which I thought was a good choice and was a bit of extra motivation for me.

a little bit of pattern cutting

Rich was out yesterday evening and so to give me a bit of time he took her out in the day and I really got a lot done. I found pattern cutting for children was a very much simpler and quicker process than for women’s wear. The shapes are simpler, and the pieces are smaller. I managed to not only draw the pieces but also cut them out in quite a short space of time! Triumph! (To make my pattern I referred to this book by Winifred Aldrich which sets out step by step how to draw a block and then adapt this into a pattern. I did do some evening classes on pattern cutting which helped me get my head around the process, which I think is actually the biggest challenge of all! But it’s easy when you know how – grand skills.)

a little bit of pinninga little bit of cutting out

As I was on a roll, I decided why not make a start on the sewing too, and managed to put this little gem together in about half an hour… The bodice part is fully lined so that really just involved sewing around the edge and turning inside out, which I think was actually a much better plan than dealing with facings, even though lining it sounds like more work. The skirt is just a very simple shaped and slightly gathered piece and sewed on very easily too. It took me much longer to finish off all the finishing off bits (and made a bit of a mess with my poppers and buttons really) but I am really encouraged now that making dresses for Rose isn’t such a big chore.


I left the little dress out over night and Rose was so excited to find it in the morning! She really loves it and she really looks great in it. I did use measurements for a slightly easy-fit shape (to really be sure it would go over her head!) and I really love the way it looks on her. It is always a little bit of a gamble with a new pattern but I think this one I got it in one!


And today was perfect summer dress weather (and first bare leg day of the year). We spent all day at the beach. The sea was freezing, but Rose was undeterred! And when we got home I started some more cutting out for some special dresses we need for a special event next month.. I hope I can keep up this sewing momentum a little while longer.


And hope you had a lovely sunny weekend too.



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