Summer days

This year is my first year since working in education that I actually get the school holidays- a whole 9 weeks off work! woweee!

I admit at first I was a little bit worried about how I would fill five days a week with Rose, but we seem to have effortlessly fallen into our new routine, and I am really enjoying my time off with her a lot.

This week we were hit with two scorching days which were really quite surprising, but we made the most of them by cracking out the (tiniest) paddling pool and heading to the seaside (which is handily just across the road from our house).


Rose decided on the hottest day of the year that she would like to wear her winter hat and a pair of mismatched mittens… she also wore her apron out that day… there is no point arguing with her about these things as she is very determined and especially when decided what she wants to wear. I was a little bit worried about the woolly hat though in case she got heatstroke, but luckily she did give it up quite quickly when I pretended it didn’t bother me.


We were really lucky to experience a funny little phenomenon at high tide, where the sea came under the stones, and filled up a perfect little paddling pool on the beach. It was so perfect, and stayed for about an hour before the tide went out again – plenty of time for good quality splashing by Rose, and perfect timing for us to go home for lunch and shelter from the hottest of the heat.

I already have that ‘I don’t want to go back to work’ feeling – but luckily we have quite a few weeks more fun ahead. Fingers crossed for more sunshine please. x



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