Here we are: Jackdaw

So I left last time with plans to bring along some summer this week, but I got a little bit sidetracked (and also forgot it was actually summer for much of this dull skied week)


I have a little soft spot for this one though as he features in one of Rose’s favourite stories. And it brightened up a long wait for a driver-over-time-ban-reduced-service train to realise that the funny hobbling birds on the platform at Lewes were jackdaws. And I then enjoyed passing some time working out how I would crochet one… I liked looking closely and seeing how some of their feathers shine blue.


My jackdaw looks a bit gloomy, but he is friendly. I am pleased to have worked out a good pattern for a larger bird too. For a little while he looked a bit like a penguin but now I am pleased.

This one was a tricky one for dark room crocheting, I kept finding many extra stitches appearing. Hopefully Albert will start to enjoy some lone sleeping again very soon. He has started crawling this week so wish me luck keeping my wool and hooks away from tiny hands.

And next time – summer!


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