Donkey Derby

Today was the donkey derby in our little town and we popped along – what a funny little thing!


I didn’t actually know what a donkey derby was, but found out it is actual donkey races! They were a bit chaotic and quite funny. Rose really had no idea what was going on but enjoyed seeing the donkeys, and also some owls which were there.


She also had her first taste of fairground rides and it was a bit traumatic to drag her away from the merry go round! Luckily we managed to get her off after she’d been round twice as it was a bit of a pricey ride.


Despite the grey sky this was a nice afternoon. We finished the day at the park where all the rides are free and Rose went to bed extra early tonight so that was a good sign.

I hope you’re enjoying your bank holiday too.

Summer days

This year is my first year since working in education that I actually get the school holidays- a whole 9 weeks off work! woweee!

I admit at first I was a little bit worried about how I would fill five days a week with Rose, but we seem to have effortlessly fallen into our new routine, and I am really enjoying my time off with her a lot.

This week we were hit with two scorching days which were really quite surprising, but we made the most of them by cracking out the (tiniest) paddling pool and heading to the seaside (which is handily just across the road from our house).


Rose decided on the hottest day of the year that she would like to wear her winter hat and a pair of mismatched mittens… she also wore her apron out that day… there is no point arguing with her about these things as she is very determined and especially when decided what she wants to wear. I was a little bit worried about the woolly hat though in case she got heatstroke, but luckily she did give it up quite quickly when I pretended it didn’t bother me.


We were really lucky to experience a funny little phenomenon at high tide, where the sea came under the stones, and filled up a perfect little paddling pool on the beach. It was so perfect, and stayed for about an hour before the tide went out again – plenty of time for good quality splashing by Rose, and perfect timing for us to go home for lunch and shelter from the hottest of the heat.

I already have that ‘I don’t want to go back to work’ feeling – but luckily we have quite a few weeks more fun ahead. Fingers crossed for more sunshine please. x


Room for improvement

So I have been very very slack on my blogging activities – and any activities – recently and wanted to fill you in on some happy news that we are having a baby come and live with us! A boy baby! November is his estimated arrival time – just in time for Rose’s third birthday, but I’ve heard that boys are more likely to be late? I’ll let you know when he arrives – although do hope to be back before then. Although I really just keep forgetting what I’m meant to be doing most of the time despite my good intentions. And I fall asleep a lot too.

IMG_3687tester pot toddler artIMG_3678

In other news I am on summer holidays now, and we are doing some home improvements which is another distraction. I am preparing for a winter of hibernation (sort of – minus the sleep element). Every toddler free moment recently has been spent removing about three layers of fifty year old textured and painted wallpaper from our hallway, but we are making good progress now and we had fun with tester pots trying to decide on which shade of not-quite-white we wanted to use. Rose enjoyed this, although if she had her way we would be using ‘ra ra red’ (not tested).

It’s nice to be able to sit down in the evenings again. I might even pick up some knitting. And I have a month of Eastenders to catch up with too…


Woolapple woodland wandering


Today’s adventure was a trip to Stanmer Park to see the bluebell woods. Unfortunately we didn’t find the bluebells – I think they were up a bit of a steep path, but I’m not really at all sure where they were, so there might be a part 2 to this adventure where we go back after having done a bit of research- but we really had a very lovely time even without bluebells. Rose enjoyed walking through the trees and finding bugs and sticks (although she was very sad that we didn’t see any squirrels)


After our walk in the wood we stopped for a scone at the cafe in the house, then walked back through the park, with a long pitstop while Rose played under a tree. It was all a little bit too lovely. After all the walking we thought we would be in trouble with a very tired toddler on the train home, but even this journey was tranquil. What a wonderful day! And tomorrow is a bank holiday. Hooray hooray! I am happy today.


I have been a bit quiet here on my blog but I am just working my hardest to finish a big knit at the moment! And doing a little bit of dressmaking for Rose and me as we are in great need of dresses. It’s hard to keep up with everything at the moment. But see you soon. Yes.

And happy weekend!


Parklife, country life

Today we enjoyed a little bus ride and went along to the big parks project park in Peacehaven.

We really like this one – it’s such a wonder. We haven’t really had a proper explore because Rose is a bit little for a lot of the park, but the toddler area has some lovely things -little climbing rocks, lovely natural wicker tunnels, and a pretty treehouse. One thing we found very amusing was a little trail of bricks in the grass that led us round and round in circles.

sunday fun in peacehaven big parksunday fun in peacehaven big parkIMG_3078sunday fun in peacehaven big parksunday fun in peacehaven big park

In the big park there is a wonderful looking acorn tree house, and some most amazing looking swings. Everything is lovely and wooden and it’s a nice place to be.

IMG_3068sunday fun in peacehaven big parksunday fun in peacehaven big parksunday fun in peacehaven big park

Last week was really quiet at work as it was still the Easter holidays, so I found myself binging on radio 4 to keep me company and am now a bit hooked. I had seen in the news there was a bit of a gripping storyline happening in The Archers and as I do love a soap opera, I started as far back as iplayer would allow me and am completely sucked in now. I have been getting the podcast to listen to while I’m cooking. A nice daily dose of country life (and DRAMA!!!!). I subscribed to Women’s Hour while I was there too which has been nice with my knitting at bedtime (grandma!) I am really enjoying the radio at the moment, especially because it has had a wonderful effect of making me switch off my screens, and I feel I am much less interested in them at other times too – I think a habit is broken – I am very happy with this effect. I tried to get Rose involved with the Sarah and Duck podcast but she was just a little bit confused at the moment.

I hope you have had a good week too.

Woolapple Easter Break

Last week I had some time off of work, and Rich did too, and we had some lovely days (mostly near the seaside).

We went along to Eastbourne on the bus, which is a nice easy journey for us, although we don’t really seem to do it very often. I do like it there though. Rich wanted to visit the Towner Gallery which was a really grand one. There is a room there of Ravilious pictures which are really lovely ones of our local area. Rose was not very interested in looking at the pictures though but we very flukily had arrived just as a toddler arts and crafts drop in session was starting so Rose and I make some pictures and read some books while Rich had a proper look about the art.

in the townerin the townerwoolapple and ravilious at the townerwoolapple and ravilious at the towner

After the pictures we had some chocolate cake at the cafe and we enjoyed some lovely seaside sunshine that day too. I also managed a little fabric shopping while Rose took a little nap (a rarity these days!).

hopping about on eastbourne beachwoolapple on eastbourne beachlittle ones on eastbourne beacheastbourne pierwoolapple and eastbourne pier

Then at the end of the week, Rich and I had a whole day off to ourselves. We went to Brighton and drank coffee and ate cake and had lunch and sat down and looked at the sea. It was a real treat.

woolapple in moshimowoolapple in the lanesbrighton from the pierbrighton from the pierwoolapple on brighton pier

Back to work for me next week, but maybe just take it easy, put the kettle on etc.

I hope you are enjoying the spring a little too.

Woolapple nice and tidy weekend

This weekend was quite a quiet one for us, Rose hasn’t been well this week and is still coughing a lot. She has mainly just wanted to sit on my lap at every opportunity but I am pleased for the cuddles.

It was nice yesterday though when she had a brighter few hours and I was able to make the under worktop curtains for the kitchen I have had on my to do list for about six months.

IMG_2678 IMG_2680

I bought the fabric earlier in the week, after deciding on yellow gingham then getting to the shop and finding this was out of stock, I settled on some yellow with white spots (Rose thought this one was nice) and some lovely green flowery fabric which I couldn’t resist because it was the same colour as the kitchen wall – although wasn’t convinced completely that this was a good thing…

IMG_2683 IMG_2695

It was nice to do some sewing, and use some tools. And my green with green walls looks grand!

woolapple and CDs

Also we are still going with our tidying up and Rich sifted through his million CDs. He put his discarded pile into music magpie to sell and is due a whopping £86! We were hoping to make enough for a take away so this was a lovely surprise – especially as you can’t even tell he’s got rid of anything. I got rid of a few of my CDs too so I am hoping for a cut…(although apparently mine were only worth 25p)

I’ve also been busy turning my hand to a spot of weaving and a dazzling bit of crochet so see you soon. x

Woolapple meets Konmari

Last week I mentioned  Marie Kondo , and last week we completely blitzed through our flat and have made such a grand difference to our little home. I probably did it a bit quick and need to go through my categories again to really decide what ‘sparks joy’, but at least I know where everything is now.

If you haven’t heard of Marie’s method yet, I really recommend it! Or if you don’t want to buy the book, just google ‘konmari before and after’ as it’s fun just to see inside peoples houses.

woolapple konmari teatowelswoolapple konmari drawer

I won’t go into it too much, but the idea is that if you organise your house properly, you never need to spend much time tidying up again, you just have to put things back. This appealed greatly to me as I always feel a bit twitchy with too much stuff piled up around me and don’t really have a lot of time or energy for tidying up anymore. Before being able to tidy though, you need to discard – or really you need to decide what to keep – by going through your possessions category by category (from least to most personal items) holding each thing and asking if it ‘sparks joy’ (or if it is essential). If the answer is no then off it goes. I love this idea so much that you are only left with the loveliest things (and essential things which you need to talk yourself into loving).

One of the best thing for me is the folding! Now I really love folding. I like to fold everything that folds now – even my dishcloth rags fold up nicely! Choosing an outfit is such a joy!

And I have to admit we are already seeing a difference to our home – there is a very calming effect to having everything put away and even to grouping things into one area together.

Another grand effect of the konmari method seems to be a shift in attitude amongst her followers towards owning a lot of things and towards being more selective and thoughtful of what we buy and wear and fill our homes with. I have seen quite a lot of things written about konmari in relation to our disposable attitude to possessions, and a movement towards buying things once and buying well rather than accumulating so many things. I am very pleased to see this movement.

Now I just hope I can keep everything tidy!



Knitting friends and knitted friends

woolapple cafe knitting red cardiganwoolapple in verano lounge

Today I had a grand afternoon, going on the bus and doing some cafe knitting with the greatest company, Snowy and Debbie. You can see some of Debbie‘s knitting in the background – a grand project she has in progress! Snowy has a pet cloud called jungle – a knitted cloud! Here is a picture of him sitting on a rock in canada:

jungle sitting on a rock

I had the best seat on the bus on the way – front row. When I got on the bus was empty too which was strange but nice. I had a funny encounter with some people on another bus who we kept overtaking and being overtaken by. They kept waving to me – I think they thought I was much younger than I am (it might have been the doll that did it). That was quite friendly, but I felt a bit awkward. The scene was so lovely on the coast road though, the sun was shining and the sea was so calm.

woolapple on the front seat on the busthe sea from the bus on a sunny daywoolapple on the bus

On the way home it was the opposite of empty (full) but I carried on my knitting for a while and ignored the hustle and bustle around me. I managed to do such a lot of my knitting I was so happy. I am knitting a red cardigan – it has been a work in progress for about 2 years now, but I have a June deadline to meet. It is easy for me to get distracted these days but I think I am going to try to do a row a day from now on.

There is no romance in this post, but I did manage a little valentines themed craft this weekend which I will share once it’s dry! Also this weekend I have been doing a lot of clothes folding – phew!

Happy valentines day if you have celebrated this day of love. x

Woolapple in London

This weekend was so exciting for me. I spent Saturday feeling excited and today I spent with my best of friends for a day in London. What a lovely adventure for me.

woolapple on the tubewoolapple on the underground

We were doing some dress trying for Lios’ wedding and I think we did a jolly good job of that. She tried some real gems and we did find some hilarious fashion items. A lace white jumpsuit was a particular highlight – one for an Abba themed wedding. And a rather expensive dress with interesting cut out sections provided amusement and bemusement in equal doses. It was fun to look for dresses and give our serious feedback (we were trying to be sensible and helpful which is not always easy when we are all together, but we were genuinely rather professional today). We tried picking up some real wedding dresses but they were very heavy and hurt our arms and also by this point in the day we had really put a lot of effort into finding dresses and Lios had done a great job of trying on and we were all very tired out, but we knew there was another delight in store for us later….


woolapple on oxford street

… a very grand afternoon tea! Hurruh! I love a good tea and this one was a special treat – we really earnt it. We had some amazing cocktails (as well as the tea!) and amazing cakes. I managed to eat all my cakes which I think was the best effort of the whole group. I had some Tupperware in my bag too (what a mum) so snuck some of the leftovers home for Rich and he was very impressed at the deliciousness of those cakes. That was something special.

woolapple outside the soho hotelwoolapple in the soho hotel with the cake displayIMG_2425woolapple and a belliniIMG_2427

The Soho hotel is such a very grand one and full of interesting things and the waiters were really good and polite. And the company was very nice too. I enjoyed this day so much. And when I got home Rose was just having her bedtime stories with Rich and told me that she had had a nice day too. That was a lovely way to finish. Thank you to my lovely friends for this lovely day.

woolapple with soho