Oh my woolly head

This week has been a sleepy head one for me - but I think it had a lot to do with the grey (and sometimes red) sky overhead so I am hoping all this wind will blow some blue sky our way. But luckily now it's half term and what grand timing - I hope … Continue reading Oh my woolly head


Hens and Hats

Hello friends for another week. I am doing quite well at blogging at the moment. Hurruh hooray! I have been really inspired recently by The Minimalists - I found them as I really love throwing things away these days (I think because children + things = mess ∴ fewer things = less mess (?)) and they … Continue reading Hens and Hats

chain stitch friendship bracelets for you to make

It is a good first skill in crochet to be able to chain stitch, and here is a nice simple first project to help use up your chains - friendship bracelets. You can make them in all colours for all your friends. It's nice to spread some woolly love. They are very easy if you … Continue reading chain stitch friendship bracelets for you to make


Arm knitting

A couple of weeks back I took the bus to Brighton and purchased myself some amazing super chunky wool from Tiger. I couldn't resist it - I've never seen any wool so massive and fluffy and soft (and a good price too) I bought just a couple of balls thinking a warm winter woollen would … Continue reading Arm knitting


Crocheting beads

I found a nice little project this week - crocheting beads (not to be confused with bead crocheting which is something completely different - but something I might have to give a go...) I really love the trend for painted wooden beaded necklaces - they are so bright and cheery, and just so cool! I … Continue reading Crocheting beads


Magic plait knitted hairband

At the moment I am struggling with the trauma that is growing out my fringe (I think I am - I'm not sure - to fringe or not to fringe - all I know is that it's getting long!) In my adult hair life I have switched between a short blunt fringe, to a deep … Continue reading Magic plait knitted hairband