wool school: how to double crochet (dc) left handed lesson

My favourite things to crochet are little friendly birds and creatures and this is called amigurumi - the japanese for cute stitched friends. The best stitch for this sort of crochet is the double crochet stitch which is nice and dense and has a simple look. It is also known as a single crochet in … Continue reading wool school: how to double crochet (dc) left handed lesson


Back here with bird

hello! I'm here and  it's nearly July and Albert is 7 months old and growing like a champ (chimp) and I now have my evenings free from holding the baby as he is quite happy to go into his bed. Well done small Albert. This is good progress. It feels like such a faraway time when … Continue reading Back here with bird

Woollen friends

So here I am - getting very fat, but at last on maternity leave! I have had a bit of a tiring few weeks of work, doing a few more hours than I was used to, and really struggling to keep on top of my life - but am pleased to be at home again … Continue reading Woollen friends