Time to sow

Today is the first of march and I celebrated the day with a big bunch of daffodils and some seed sowing with Rose.

At nursery Rose has been learning a bit about where food comes from and now you can not say the word ‘egg’ without her saying ‘chicken’. I thought it would be nice for us to plant some seeds that we could watch grow and then be able to eat.

So I chose some tomato and basil as this is a good combination, and Rose loves olives and these are a good accompaniment to those. She also loves tomatoes. So that’s settled then.

planting tomatoes planting tomatoes

First of all we planted half of our seeds in pots. Rose enjoyed filling the pots (and everything) with soil, then adding the seeds, then (shh) covering them with a little more soil. Then a little water. It wasn’t as messy as I feared!

seed watchingseed watching

The rest of the seeds I planted the rest of our seeds in a see through (grape) container. I added wet cotton wool to the bottom and then filled it up with strips of kitchen paper which started to soak up some of the moisture. I used some flour and water paste to stick the seeds to a piece of kitchen paper and then wedged this near the edges of the pot so that we can see them. Rose liked to look at them, and I am really really hoping they will sprout like this so we can watch the roots and shoots grow. I am not 100% sure it will work, but will keep you posted!

seed watching

I am looking forward to summer and tomatoes. And if you have any tips for other window sill crops we can try then please let me know.