Bird this week: Nuthatch

Have you ever heard of this one? I never had but would love to spot one now – little gem. When I saw his picture in my book I thought he must be made. Such great colour combination! There are quite a few varieties of nuthatch too which made my job a little bit confusing, but this one is based on the one you’d be most likely to see in Britain… (I think)

Nuthatch crochet bird of the weekNuthatch crochet bird of the week

Albert is going through some sort of wonder week (month), developmental, clingy phase at the moment, so I am back to mostly crocheting in the dark. So this was a bit of a triumph. I think I probably made about five nuthatches with all the trial and error and unpicking and redoing – phewee.

Nuthatch crochet bird of the weekNuthatch crochet bird of the week

Nuthatch has a lovely peach tummy and white cheeks and an amazing black eye stripe.

Now I am scanning my book (and the trees and skies) for more colourful specimens…

This week: Goldfinch

After my little chaffinch bird make last week, we actually saw a pair of goldfinches outside playgroup and I was very excited because I recognised them from my book and because they were really beautiful.

So in tribute to those sweet ones who brightened up our morning I decided to make goldfinch next!


Goldfinch has a funny little red face and gold wings – I love his colour combination even though I normally prefer pastels. I am really hoping to see some more birds on my travels now.


Back here with bird


I’m here and  it’s nearly July and Albert is 7 months old and growing like a champ (chimp) and I now have my evenings free from holding the baby as he is quite happy to go into his bed. Well done small Albert. This is good progress.

It feels like such a faraway time when I blogged and sewed and crocheted. Ah lovely time. I had decided that being on maternity leave would include all my endeavours but the time feels right to start turning my mind back to other things a little bit (scarily I am technically back at work from next friday – but thankfully I don’t have to do anything until September!)

Before Albert arrived I had been enjoying creating some little woodland creatures and friendly faces. So to help me get back into creating in the evenings and hopefully a little bit of blogging too, I decided to pick up again with something small and here now is a little chaffinch!

Crocheted chaffinch

Unfortunately he doesn’t yet have a tail as I’m just not sure how that should go, but once he’s complete I’ll be sure to share his pattern for you.

Field guide to birds of BritainA page of finches

I really got into this project of turning a bird into crochet. I found a lovely field guide to the birds of Britain and Europe in Oxfam while I was making him which I couldn’t resist – it felt like a gift. It has so many birds in it and has sparked my imagination. I think next I will have a try of another one on the Finch page.

Crocheted chaffinch