Salt and pepper pumpkin seeds

Last weekend i had a really nice afternoon in the kitchen making nice things from our halloween pumpkin and I just wanted to share another little bonus bake – roasted pumpkin seeds.

I de-seeded my pumpkin and put them to one side not thinking much of them at first, but then realised that pumpkin seeds are edible normally – although these did look a bit different to the ones you normally buy to nibble on.

So i did a little investigating and found out that roasting them would be the way to go. As the oven was on anyway i went for it! and i was NOT disappointed.

pumpkin seeds ready to be washed

First separate the seeds from the stringy pumpkin bits as best you can

nice clean pumpkin seeds

Transfer the seeds to a sieve and rinse under the tap to clean off the last traces of pumpkin flesh


Cover the seeds with olive oil, salt and pepper (or other herb and spice combinations of your choice)


Spread out on a baking tray and roast in the oven at about 180 degrees for about 15 minutes, or as long as it takes for them to turn golden toasty brown.

Wait to cool for a minute, then tuck in. So simple, but so so delicious. If you do one thing with your halloween pumpkin, make sure it’s this one!

hello hallowe’en

I have never really been one for Hallowe’en celebrations, but i decided this year to jump on it and make some fun activities for Rose and me. I saw this blog post from ispy DIY about no carve pumpkins, and the picture of the pumpkin covered in little dots reminded me a lot of a sticker book of Rose’s where we had to stick spots on the ladybirds. Rose enjoyed that activity, telling me the colours she liked and sticking them on, so when i saw it i thought it looked like something she would like, and festive to boot.

Our pumpkin didn’t turn out quite as dotty as i first imagined, but it is quite psychedelic and we had a lot of fun make it. It was quite a nice project for us as broke down into two sessions of crafting fun.

We started off by painting our pumpkin as i thought this would give a nice base for our stickers. There was a bit of a novelty value in painting a pumpkin too! We just used some poster paint which we got from our little toyshop locally. Rose has learnt the word ‘splash’. i am still finding paint splatters (please don’t let this put you off)

painting a pumpkin no carvepainting a pumpkin no carve for children

I also bought some black card for another little project to help pass some of the time, but our pumpkin was quite wet in places so I left it overnight before the next phase.

Rose peeling off stickers for her no carve pumpkin Rose sticking stickers to her no carve pumpkin

I managed to find some little stickers stickers inexpensively in one of the stationary shops – a selection of coloured spots and stars, so once our pumpkins were dry it was sticker time. I didn’t need to explain it to Rose, she knew what she was doing.

 halloween mask cut outhandmade halloween masks work in progress

With the painted card from earlier, i made a little paper template and cut out some mask shapes – we added the last of our stickers then threaded through some elastic to make them into something we can wear to scare daddy when he got home from work. (we made him a mask too!) They are not really very scary though, more like friendly Halloween.

Here are our finished projects. a good week’s work (Rose doesn’t like wearing masks, so Rich and I posed with baby for a ‘scary’ face selfie).

no carve painted and stickered pumpkinscary faces in handmade masks

Happy friendly hallowe’en everyone! Please let me know how you celebrate.
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