heart to heart

Our lovely baby now is three months and although I don't dare actually try putting him down in the evenings, he sleeps very well on my lap in the dark and I have become a little more confident to stay up a bit later. I recently invested in a headtorch and decided to pick up … Continue reading heart to heart


Secret knitted mini cosy

I used to be able to do a lot of secret knitting for Rich - in fact I knitted him two cardigans secretly (there is a link to one of them - how much hair he has!). And a sock (I am impressed when I look through the 'knitting' tag on my emiliabird (R.I.P) blog ) SO … Continue reading Secret knitted mini cosy

little crocheted christmas wreath decorations

Good wreath

I have been getting into a festive mood this last week and turning my crochet efforts to help me decorate our little tree ('crisps tree' as Rose says - our task for the weekend - a happy chore) These little crocheted Christmas wreaths are so cute, and so quick and enjoyable to make. Here's what … Continue reading Good wreath


Crocheting beads

I found a nice little project this week - crocheting beads (not to be confused with bead crocheting which is something completely different - but something I might have to give a go...) I really love the trend for painted wooden beaded necklaces - they are so bright and cheery, and just so cool! I … Continue reading Crocheting beads


Magic plait knitted hairband

At the moment I am struggling with the trauma that is growing out my fringe (I think I am - I'm not sure - to fringe or not to fringe - all I know is that it's getting long!) In my adult hair life I have switched between a short blunt fringe, to a deep … Continue reading Magic plait knitted hairband