Minecraft Cushion

Continuing on the theme du jour, here is another Christmas present make I wanted to share with you – this little quilted Minecraft cushion which I made for my computer game fan sister.

If you don’t know what Minecraft is, I think it’s a game where  you have to find blocks of different materials and then you can build things with them (sorry if you know a bit more about this one and are a bit dismayed by my explanation there) Anyway, looking at screenshots of Minecraft with all the blocks of different colours, I knew there would be a good patchwork project to be found there.

And I wasn’t the only person to make the Minecraft/quilt connection. Doing a little online search I found that there were lots of people who have also make some lovely quilts on this theme. I decided a quilt might be a bit ambitious, but a cushion would be a nice sized project for me and would be a nice present too.

One popular motif was for a creeper, which is a sort of little monster made of grass (?) It’s got quite a simple design and colour palette* (and Rich thinks it’s got a friendly face, although I’m not 100% sure about that) so I thought it would be a good one to do. I cheated a bit with the designing part as found this amazing answer to my prayers in the form of this Quilt along with Dawn video.

DSC04010 DSC04053DSC04057 DSC04061

I really recommend Dawn’s video, but just wanted to share a few pictures of my cushion in progress. I have made quilts in the past and really complained about how time consuming and boring I find it, but this time I sewed the pieces together in pairs to form rows and then just sewed the rows together (I don’t know if you can tell from my pictures. Night time pictures) and this really cut down time cutting off loose ends and neatened it all up and was a much better experience.

DSC04228 DSC04227

After sewing all of my squares together I backed my cushion with a square of one of my favourite green shade fabrics, and inserted a zip (rather than doing the pillow opening in the video) I didn’t put a border on my cushion as it fitted my cushion pad perfectly like this – in fact the cover could have done with being a little bit smaller so the pad really stuffed it and gave it shape. I perhaps could have been a bit more organised taking measurements (my seam allowances may have been a bit smaller than Dawn’s when I look back).


I admit the whole thing is a bit of a wonky one, but I think the overall effect is quite grand, and what a lovely personal present if you have a friendly computer gaming friend.


*here is the explanation for why I had so much green fabric lying around for our Christmas leaf wreath.