New year, no fear

And just like that it’s a brand new year!

I am quite excited about this one. I don’t know why, but 2016 has a nice ring about it. And already I have had news of 2 engagements and one new baby so that’s pretty good going (I don’t think much of the weather though….)

I really like making new year’s resolutions, although it’s been a few years since I really did this. But I am feeling on a bit of a roll at the moment, and enjoy making a plan so here goes….

1. A bit more knitting and dressmaking
I used to do a lot of this but at the moment my productivity in this area is negligible! So more knitting and dressmaking is a must. I am challenging myself to finish 2 cardigans this year. This is a very specific number I know but it’s good to have a goal and this should be achievable for me, and would be quite a triumph (I am trying to remember but I think the last cardigan I finished for myself was my wedding cardigan back in 2013. Eek) I have a couple of works in progress and got some wool for Christmas so I would really like to see a couple of finished items before the year is out. I am also going to extend this challenge by saying i will match each cardigan with a dressmaking (maybe even a pattern cutting) project. Bring. it.on.twenty.six.teen.


2.  Finish Rose’s quilt.
I started this project with the intention to give to baby for for her first birthday. It is made up of squares of all of her first baby clothes and other things from that time of her life like bibs and her bouncy chair (ha!) and my good idea was that there are 365 pieces to represent all the days of her first year, but we moved house two weeks before her birthday and I missed my deadline, and with that I really lost my momentum. I sewed all of the pieces together but am machining the quilting part and my struggle is that it is so boring! But i really would love to see it finished and now Rose is in her bed this would be lovely for her room (and quite useful when the nights are cold).


3. Brighten up our home and try some new skills
These pictures are of our bedroom and in the corner of our sitting room which are little areas I would like to focus on to bring a bit more interest and joy. This resolution has been inspired a lot by pinterest – there are so many things I have seen there I want to try to recreate. (I should probably have a resolution about spending less time on pinterest – I am a bit addicted!) I am really enjoying trying new things and setting myself smaller projects at the moment so this will be really nice.

4. Be a bit more adventurous with our foods
Rose and I are definite grazers. We do sit down three times a day for our meals, but I would say these occasions (especially in Rose’s case) are not really when the majority of food intake occurs and that our snacks could be a bit more interesting and nutritious with a little effort. When Rose was first weaning she refused to be spoon fed, she possibly worried that when I tried to put something in her mouth, I might be about to squirt Calpol down her throat, or clean her teeth – or something equally horrible for a baby. Or it might be because she is very strong-willed and independent – either way I had to be quite inventive with foods that she would be able to manage to feed herself and was always rustling up fruity pancakes, and vegetabley muffins. I am not really sure why this stopped (maybe when she could manage pasta and biscuits I got lazy) but I know that I could manage a bit more baking and that we would both benefit (and help avoid a repeat of the day Rose ate six bourbon biscuits before eleven o’clock and we had a very unhappy afternoon indeed).

5. Look at my phone less!
I already made a start on this resolution last year with good results so want to keep it up. I find it is so easy to waste such a lot of time flipping about the internet when really I have plenty of other things to be doing. I really hate looking at the phone when Rose is about, especially as she knows I’m not paying her attention (even if I think I am) and does destructive things to get my attention. And I feel that being absorbed by a screen is not really the example I want to set for her when there are so many great things the world has to offer. She has got to an age where she can amuse herself for short periods now and I have found that using these little opportunities to potter about the house while I keep an eye on her is a really pleasant way to spend time, and the house feels much tidier for it. Of course I still think my phone is a wonderful piece of technology, but I am trying to just make sure it doesn’t eat into my quality time doing other more productive things.

6. Have some macaron success
After my macaron disaster this Christmas, I would really love to be able to master this little delight in time for next Christmas. I am not very confident, but will be adding ground almonds to the shopping list for the foreseeable future!

7. Go to bed earlier
I am throwing it in there as I know I really should… but we’ll see about that one!

Wish me luck! I am really enjoying reading everyone’s resolutions at the moment. I like this time of year. Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2016. xx